Friday, February 22, 2008

Rossputin: Schaffer is "Better and Smarter Candidate"

Prolific Colorado-based libertarian blogger Rossputin posted on his site a letter he wrote that also ran in the Boulder Daily Camera, highlighting important differences between former Rep. Bob Schaffer and liberal Rep. Mark Udall.

The following is the opening and conclusion of his letter:
While there’s no doubt that 2008 will be a difficult year for Republicans, Bob Schaffer has a big factor in his favor: He’s the better and smarter candidate, and the more you know him the more you like him. The same can’t be said for Udall, who isn’t a bad guy but who doesn’t impress you more over time.

Schaffer’s biggest electoral problem is that many voters don’t have the true picture of him. Udall’s problem is that we do.
Check out Rossputin's site to read the whole thing. It will be interesting to see how much the issue of candidate intellect and competence becomes an issue in this Senate race, but it's hard to disagree with Rossputin that the balance there tips in favor of Schaffer.

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