Monday, February 25, 2008

A New Udall Bumper Sticker

We've found another example of Mark Udall's running from his past positions, and this time we're not even sure why.

He might be trying to pander to voters who don't want the homosexual partners of legal immigrants to be admitted to the US as "family members." But to what end?

Those who care about the issue enough to object to Mark Udall's candidacy will already know about his past position and expect it to be his future position. Who does he think he is fooling by declining to co-sponsor the bill this year?

We think that this on again off again sponsorship of controversial legislation like the loon in the attic's Department of Peace and now the "Uniting American Families Act" speaks to Mark Udall's unwillingness to stand up publicly for his own positions, his own beliefs.

Our friends at immigration equality:

Representative [ Mark ] Udall was a cosponsor of the UAFA in the previous (109th) Congress but has not yet signed on in the current (110th) Congress. Hopefully y’all can persuade him to come on.

Those who are interested in promoting this bill might send Mark Udall their suggested letter.

Mark Udall's New Bumper Sticker: "Vote Udall: - A Coward For Today in Every Way"

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