Thursday, February 14, 2008

Udall Staffer Promoting Salazar for VP

In a curious little blurb, Politicker is claiming that there is talk of Ken Salazar running as Hillary's vice president. This began on the Sunday Chris Matthews show when one pundit claimed that Salazar would make a good VP candidate and one obscure Colorado blog picked it up.

Politicker ran down a Mark Udall spokesman for a quote:

“Mark [ Udall ] knows Ken [ Salazar ] would make an excellent choice, both as a nominee and as Vice President,” said Udall campaign spokesperson Taylor West in a statement Wednesday morning. “In addition to the judgment and experience he’d bring to the job overall, he’d also be a strong voice for the West and for rural America.”

“We’d certainly miss his work as a U.S. Senator, but having him in the executive branch would be great for Colorado and great for the country,” West concluded.

If there is one thing that might strengthen Mark Udall's chances of becoming a US Senator, it would be Ken Salazar sucking up the oxygen in Colorado as a VP candidate. While the liberal bloggers and the msm recognize that Mark Udall is well to the left of liberal Ken Salazar (as you can verify by following our scoreboard "bread crumbs"), the Colorado public probably doesn't know that yet.

They will begin to find out how liberal, even left wing Mark Udall is as the liberal circus that is the Democrat National Convention comes to town. If Salazar were on the ticket, he would be the news. Of course Taylor West and Mark Udall would like to see that happen.

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