Friday, February 1, 2008

With Friends Like These...

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) sent out a release yesterday attacking Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer under the heading "Will "Bobby Boy" Schaffer Break His Silence And Tell Bush To Stop Threatening Roan Drilling...?":
George Bush will touch down in Denver today to raise money for the Senate candidate he affectionately refers to as “Bobby Boy,” former Congressman and current oilman Bob Schaffer. Since the fundraiser will take place behind closed doors, no one will know what the two men actually discuss, but Schaffer has the perfect opportunity to show Coloradans he can stand up for them by urging the president to stop pushing to open the Roan Plateau to oil drilling.
Someone should have told the DSCC to check first with their candidate - Boulder liberal Mark Udall. After all, it was only less than a month ago that Udall agreed to "support expanded natural gas production on public lands atop the Roan Plateau".

Is the DSCC press release therefore a tacit admission that Beltway Democrats believe Udall won't stand up for Coloradans? Is Udall in the pocket of President Bush? Or maybe, as the Rocky Mountain News intimates, he was motivated by a self-serving "political calculus"?

If a 100% off-limits, pristine Roan Plateau that undermines Colorado jobs and the energy economy is part of the DSCC agenda, maybe they should make sure their own guy is on board first. With friends like these pointing out his inconsistent and convenient environmental policies, Udall has got to be a little disconcerted.

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