Monday, February 18, 2008

Some Candidates Run on the Union Label - Not Mark Udall

The campaign for Colorado's open US Senate seat changed tone this week now that the Mark Udall campaign has made the decision to run openly as a "Boulder Liberal."

The conventional wisdom, even among liberals and the left wing blogosphere, was that Mark Udall could not win in colorado while running as an openly left wing politician. To win, they thought, he had to run as a moderate.

One of the unintended consequences of our keeping a scoreboard is that once liberal blogs and the msm discover that we are keeping track of how they label Mark Udall, they uniformly drop the label. They do want Udall to be elected, but they are afraid that openly admitting that he is "liberal," let alone a "Boulder Liberal," would damage his chances to win.

Taylor West, a Mark Udall Campaign spokeswoman has given these blogs and the msm the green light to refer to Udall as a "Boulder Liberal" when she said to the Daily Camera:

the Udall campaign doesn't think the "Boulder liberal" tag will hurt Udall as voters across the state get to know him.

We think that she is wrong, but only time will tell. Henceforth this author will refer to Mark Udall as "self styled Boulder Liberal Mark Udall," and we will do it just that way. It should be fun.

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