Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fair Warning to Trout Unlimited

We find it sad that politicians like Mark Udall and Bill Ritter seek allies in the hunting and fishing community and then allow the environmentalist extremists and the gun control nuts to knife them in the back.

Bill Ritter promised shooting ranges across the state during the election, but the legislature can't seem to find the money for any. Instead, it spends its time and energy crafting gun control bills that Ritter is only too happy to sign.

Now, Trout Unlimited might want to start looking over its shoulder. Coloradoriverconservancy is reporting that the environmentalists are trying to rid the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon of Trout:

On June 2nd 2006, The Center for Biological Diversity and the environmental group Living Rivers gave formal notice of intent to sue the Arizona Game and Fish Department for violating the endangered species act if they stock Trout at Lees Ferry.

So what does all this mean to the sportsmen of Arizona? We must understand that the debacle that is occurring at Lees Ferry and in the Grand Canyon is the beginning of a movement to remove non-native sport fish from not just the Colorado River, but sport fish removal and eradication might just be coming to a river or lake near you.

Whose back is Mark Udall watching? His own. As long as the environmentalist extremists are willing to send him money by the bucketfull, he is willing to ignore what his allies have in mind for trout fishermen.

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