Friday, February 1, 2008

Politicians, Put Your Finger In The Wind

This Denver Post article on Bill Ritter's plan to raise another $500 million in taxes, excuse us, fees now has 227 comments, and they are not favorable. If someone has organized this, it isn't obvious. We sure haven't. In fact, we aren't even part of the 227.

Let's put the number 227 in context. Most articles in the Post are lucky to draw a handful of comments. Even their editorials usually top out at a dozen or less.

This number of comments is bad news for tax and spend Democrats like Mark Udall and Bill Ritter. If they haven't put their finger up in this anti-tax gale, they are fools.

Added: There are so many comments and hits that the Denver Post has a message up that their data base is overloaded.

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