Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nearly One-Third of Democrat Caucus-Goers Give Udall Cold Shoulder

Earlier today, one of my fellow bloggers here brought attention to the demise of the faux candidacy of Democrat Mark Benner, "who was running aginst [sic] Mark Udall as a matter of form only." Benner received 1.2 percent of support from registered Democrat attendees of Colorado's February 5 caucuses.

However, after the initial post here, the Denver Post went back and expanded on the story:
Democrat Mark Udall, the five-term congressman, received 67 percent delegates in the preference poll, while the remaining 32 percent are uncommitted. The preference poll results released Tuesday are mostly complete, with a small number of counties left to report, said Pat Waak, Colorado Democratic Party chair. [emphasis added]
Strangely, either the writer or the editors thought the fact that more than 30 percent of the Colorado Democratic faithful chose "None of the above" over Udall was worthy neither of the story's lead nor of a follow-up question.

Well, here's a follow-up: If nearly one-third of Democrat activists think Boulder liberal Udall isn't worthy of support, where does that rank him among the state's mainstream independent voters?

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