Thursday, February 21, 2008

Guess We Have To Be Nice To Dick Wadhams

Now that Dick Wadhams is working for Bob Schaffer, we have to be nice to him or he will stop our paycheck.

Oh, I forgot, we are doing this for free, so we don't have to be nice to Dick after all. Darn!

Actually, Dick Wadhams is a nice guy. The Mark Udall campaign will try to demonize him, and already has.

"Mark Udall will be running his campaign on ideas to move Colorado forward; with Mr. Wadhams on board, we can expect Bob Schaffer's campaign to be one of constant negative attacks, not ideas," said spokeswoman Taylor West.

Hmmm. Wasn't Taylor West the woman who has called Schaffer an extremist twice in the last week? That's not a "constant negative attack," or is it?

Dick Wadhams has some catching up to do with Taylor West.

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