Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mark Udall Criticized by Fellow Liberal for His Sellout to "Ambition"

Green Party blogger Dave Chandler has a message for Colorado Lefties who have observed Boulder liberal Mark Udall selling out his core principles in a calculated election year cosmetic political makeover:
The thing about Mark Udall as a Colorado Congressman and as a candidate of the Dimocrat Party for the U.S. Senate in 2008, is that his moves to the right -- for the purpose of fulfilling his ambition for higher office -- are so transparent that they further the cynicism and contempt people have for politicians and government.

At a time when Americans are giving voice to a desire for change, Udall sadly represents the kind of dynastic, risk-averse politics that have gotten our country into the current mess -- endless military occupation of another nation, economic malaise, abridgment of our liberties, corrupt corporatized political campaigns, and on and on....

My prediction is the Udall will not suddenly begin to display the kind of bold leadership that the people of Colorado and the United States are now calling for ... because you can't teach a sway-backed old dog new tricks.

That is why the Green Party has a candidate, Bob Kinsey, seeking our party's nomination for the U.S. Senate to run against Udall. For principled, conscientious voters who just don't want to play the "lesser of two evils" game anymore, a real, substantive alternative is available.

It takes courage to begin the process of rejecting the politics of the past for a 'politics of the future' ... the establishment will hurl all kinds of invective at you for "throwing away your vote." But any vote cast out of conviction and principle is more valuable for you and the fate of the Republic than those corporate politicians will ever be able to comprehend.
More proof that it's hard for Udall to be all things to all voters. Imagining that his very liberal voting record in Congress will sew up his support among his Boulder friends, Udall is desperately trying to recast his image as a political centrist. Not only does his recent "rightward" (about the only direction he could move after being so far Left) shift lack credibility with anyone who has observed his record, but the pandering has given rise to increasingly credible opposition on his Left.

Notice the words used by someone closely aligned with Udall's Boulder Left-liberal ideology: saying he is motivated by "fulfilling his ambition for higher office," that he represents a "kind of dynastic, risk-averse politics," and that he is "a sway-backed old dog" who can't be taught "new tricks." Alienating those who should be his natural allies, Udall is slowly pinning himself into a corner. Which way should he go?

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