Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Democrat Dreamin'

It's all quiet on the western front this month. US Rep. and Democratic candidate Mark UDall is slowly and methodically raising all the money he needs to, to be competitive. Meanwhile, Udall's opponent Bob Schaffer has been focusing on painting him as a "Boulder Liberal." With the 2008 Democratic convention scheduled for Denver and the state beginning to trend blue, there is a good chance that all the negative campaigning in the world will not help Schaffer. This seat remains No. 1 with a bullet.

It is fun to watch the Democrat blog "pundits" just to see what they are saying. Enduring Democrat Majority claims that calling Mark Udall a Boulder Liberal won't help beat him. What this "pundit" missed is that no one is calling Udall a moderate. The MSM and liberal blog tags being used range from liberal to extremist. If the blog owner wants to get educated, he can simply read a few posts down. We name names.

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