Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hunter's Rights

Mark Udall is promoting the use of hunters to cull the elk herd in Rocky Mountain National Park. He is also using the false argument that drilling on the Roan Plateau will interfere with hunting.

Bill Ritter's campaign also courted gun owners, in part by promising to build shooting ranges around the state. The promise was so successful that I have written elsewhere about registered Republicans sporting Ritter bumper stickers because they thought he would protect their gun rights better than Bob Beauprez. Events have proven them wrong, as anyone who studied Ritter's record could have predicted. Ritter signed at least two anti-gun bills and couldn't find room in his budget for the promised ranges.

It turns out that both men are using a cynical strategy to woo away hunters from the Republican party.

Note the heavy use of the word "progressive" in the SquareState essay. Progressives, especially eastern progressives, have a history of turning on gun owners with a vengeance. Party discipline would require a Senator Udall to support gun control. Today's question for Mark Udall and Bill Ritter is: What good are hunting rights, hunting access, and phantom shooting ranges if no one has the right to own a gun?

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km said...

I think it'll be hard for Udall to be the hunter-friendly candidate, given what the hunter orgs have to say about him.