Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More on the Green Party Demonstration

The Denver Post has a writeup this morning that sheds more light on the demonstration that Mark Udall's staff ducked yesterday.

The Post indicates that they conducted a three week long sit in there and finally exhausted Udall's patience so someone called the cops.

The woman facing jail time has a long demonstration rap sheet. Others involved are only facing $100 fines.

"Following a three-week-long occupation of our district office in March, I also met with them for a two-hour meeting in which I listened to their views on Iraq," [ Alan ] Salazar [Udall's Chief of Staff ] said. "No one has a deeper respect for the right of free speech and civil dissent than my boss. He doesn't agree with this group's views on the best way to end the Iraq war, but he will always stand up for the rights of people to speak out."

Closing the office yesterday was an error in judgement. Except for that, this appears to have been handled rationally by Udall and his staff, and by the prosecutor.

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