Monday, July 9, 2007

The Money Race in the Second CD

The Denver Post said last year that the winner of the of the Democratic primary in the Second CD would be the most liberal candidate. I have the link, and will post it the first time the Post tries to pawn off the "moderate" label for Boulder Liberal Mark Udall.

Three Democrats are in the race to replace Udall: Jerad Polis, most famous as the multi-millionaire who pawned Amendment 41 off on an unsuspecting Colorado public; Joan Fitz-Gerald, the President of the Colorado Senate, and Will Shafroth whose name recognition is so low we had to look it up.

All have released their money reports for the last quarter. Polis and Shafroth both raised about $300K, with Fitz-Gerald coming in last at $240K.

There is some confusion in Polis' mind as to whether he is putting in his own money. He promised to match web contributions dollar for dollar, which would indicate that he is putting his own money into the race.

At other times, he claims he is not.

Polis said he doesn’t know if he’s going to spend a lot of his own money.

“Right now, we raised more money than our opponents, so there wouldn’t be any reason to spend any more money,” he said. “If there’s a lot of special interest money coming in from the other sides, I will certainly believe in myself enough to invest it.”

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