Sunday, July 15, 2007

Quote of the Day

It is no secret that we blame people like Mark Udall, Ken Salizar, and their environmentalist left allies like the Sierra Club for their mindless refusal to allow the forests to be managed responsibly. In the next post down, the Gazette comments on their casual attitude toward the damage caused by improper forest management

Also, today, the Gazette describes the revegitation of one burned over area, the 2005 Mason Gulch 12,000 acre (20 square mile) fire.

Regrowth is where it should be two years after a fire, said Paul Crespin, district ranger for San Isabel National Forest.

Forest Service officials have reseeded 85 percent of the area, and are treating it for noxious weeds. They have been collecting pine cones from the area, and hope to plant ponderosa pine seedlings by the spring of 2009.

“In our lifetime, we won’t see those trees come back in the way they were,” Crespin said.

But, the Quote of the Day was by Dave Van Manen, director of the nearby Mountain Park Environmental Center:

“In a way, now this is safe from a catastrophic fire," he said.

The quote sounds like something Bill Ritter, Ken Salizar, or Mark Udall would say.

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