Monday, July 23, 2007

A Historical Perspective

A two sentence "aside" in an item about Baby Boomers observes that Mark Udall's latest Congressional bill repeats a historic mistake.

The war lost support, and in retrospect deserved to lose support, because it was mismanaged by that part of the WWII generation that had moved into leadership positions. Johnson and McNamara were afraid to win the war and didn't understand that a war will inevitably be lost if the enemy is allowed sanctuaries. Johnson and McNamara never disrupted the import of war material, either through Haiphong or by bombing the railroad bridges on the China border. For some time, even the Ho Chi Minh trail was off limits to bombing.

As an aside, the latest bill that Mark Udall has put forward in Congress repeats this EXACT historical mistake. It makes Iran into an untouchable sanctuary.

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