Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fifty Trees! Oh, the Irony!

Mark Udall and his allies in the environmentalist left may be directly responsible for the destruction by fire and beetle of fifty million trees (See post immediately below).

While Mark Udall is content to allow the forests to burn by the tens of square miles for lack of reasonable thinning and his opposition to forest roads, he fights hard to ensure our continued dependency on foreign energy.

What makes 350 acres on the Roan Plateau so much more valuable than the more than 100 square miles of old growth forest recently destroyed in and around Glacier National Park? What makes the 2000 acres needed to develop ANWR oil reservers so much more valuable than the forests and homes around Lake Tahoe or the forests Yellowstone Park?

Some politicians are simply too dense to see the dangerous disconnect in their own policies and rhetoric.

The Sustainable Energy Coalition recently presented Congressman Mark Udall with its Leadership Award. No one saw the irony in the form the award took:

Representative Udall received a certificate for fifty trees planted in his honor through American Forests, a nonprofit organization that works to protect, restore and enhance the natural capital of trees and forests.

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