Monday, July 16, 2007

Denver Post: Mark Udall Should Know Better

In a none too gentile rebuke, the Denver Post skewered both Senator Ken Salazar and Boulder Liberal Mark Udall for their support of the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act. It would have denied workers the right to a secret ballot on the question of whether they want to be represented by a union at all (some free choice):

HR 800 would allow workers to be forced into unions without even the right to vote - and could force workers and employers to accept a government-written contract after just 120 days of negotiations...

We were extremely disappointed that Colorado's Sen. Ken Salazar abandoned his centrist values to vote with the liberal wing of his party when he voted to shut off debate on the bill, which could have forced a vote on the measure. He was elected as a moderate, and he simply can't become intoxicated by the ideals of his big-government liberal colleagues...

And Udall, who wants to be Colorado's next senator, should know that elections here are won by wooing over moderate, independent-minded voters. Casting votes like this won't help.

What the Denver Post didn't know, or at least didn't remember to include, is that Mark Udall didn't just vote for this far left piece of legislation, he is a cosponsor.

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