Monday, July 23, 2007

Just So You Know

A commenter on an earlier post wanted to know where the "votes" labeling Mark Udall as either a liberal or an extremist, but never a moderate, came from. Each time we found someone, usually the MSM, but sometimes "progressive" blog sites labeling Mark Udall as either, we wrote a post on it.

After the fifth such post, we started keeping score. Anyone who cares to question our count or sources, all of which were linked, is welcome to review this blog to find them.

The thing that makes them notable is that a reader could expect a conservative blog or source to label Udall a liberal. That is not where the labels are coming from. With the exception of the Gazette which thought Udall or his actions "extremist," every other attempt to label or describe him came from the left or far left. We invite you go go read the posts.

Appended to another post the same commenter describes this site as "vitriolic," but at no point does he describe even a single post as inaccurate. The public has a right to understand what Udall is doing and saying and how what he is doing and saying will impact it. One could get the impression that the writer is a big fan of Udall, but even if he is, that doesn't change the inconvenient truth.

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Bruce Benson said...

I called this vitriolic and pointed only one inaccurate postings, such as claiming Maggie Fox would change her name to score political points, but you failed to note that and misrepresented my point.

When I have time, perhaps for fun I will go through and debunk all of the inaccurate claims made by you and other contributors.

For the record, I am not a huge Udall fan. However, I'm sick of republican trying to out-republican the other with name-calling. It's foolish to think that because I do not agree with you, means Im wrong and I must be a liberal left winger.

A Watcher said...

So far, Bruce, you are zero for two on "fact checking."

1. There was a question mark at the end of the Maggie Fox post title. The post didn't make a statement, it asked a question, and a reasonable question at that, given the history of other political wives.

2. You asserted elsewhere that "Each poster seems to pat another on the back for writing yet another scathing, even more destruction comment than the previous." Ben has never commented pro or con on any of my posts on this blog or any other. Likewise, I have not commented pro or con on any of his Udall posts.

As Ben would say, "Know your facts before you write."