Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Screech to Impeach?

I have many projects going and try to do them as efficiently as possible. I am using Google Alerts with "Mark Udall" as a search parameter to find interesting items for this one. That very loose search parameter brings in a lot of junk, but lets face it, the left writes a lot of junk.

Today's loonytoons entry comes from Cannonfire blog. They are trying to roll out the the impeachment bandwagon and have titled their post "screech to impeach."

A screech is a harsh, shrill sound, according to several on-line dictionaries. Impeachment is a serious subject and should be taken seriously. How can this blogger expect to be taken seriously if he puts silly titles on his post? This one is too clever by half.

The post is not worth providing a link to, but since it does list Mark Udall, we wonder if Udall will be screeching to impeach? He is a shrill environmentalist, so he might as well be shrill about impeachment.


Karl Maher said...

I've got the same alert and saw that item. The funny thing is, Kevin Drum of the Washington Monthly asked readers in 2005, "What the hell is wrong with Democrats these days?" My answering post was titled, "It's the screeching." I think I'll stand by that.

Karl Maher said...

BTW, got your post in my Schaffer alert!