Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another Nail in the "Liberal" Coffin

From Real Clear Politics:

Centrist Democrats have succeeded in Colorado of late. The elections of Governor Bill Ritter and Senator Ken Salazar reenergized the party. But Mark Udall isn't exactly in the mold of either Ritter or Salazar. [ Floyd ] Ciruli calls him "a much more across-the-board liberal," but hastens to point out that the liberal label may not stick.

The question is not whether Mark Udall, (D) Boulder, can avoid the dreaded "L" word. It is whether he can avoid being called an extremist as the Gazette has come close to doing two times. Our bet is that he'll count himself lucky to be labeled "Liberal."

Since we are keeping score:
Extremist 2
Liberal 2
Moderate 0
Conservative (Bite your tongue)

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