Thursday, July 12, 2007

Schaffer's Fundraising Figures "Inconvenient Truth" for Left

First, let's start with the good news: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer announced that he raised more than $717,000 in the second quarter (April-June). As pointed out in the campaign press release:

Walt Klein, Schaffer campaign consultant said "Schaffer's contributions averaged more than $119,000 a week in the brief time Bob has been a candidate – a remarkable start for the long campaign ahead."

There were 1789 individual contributions to Schaffer, with more than 83% coming from Colorado.

The full report will be available on July 15th.

[Full Disclosure: Mt. Virtus was part of the 83+%, contributing a small amount to Schaffer in June.] Schaffer's $119,000 a week surpasses liberal Boulder Democrat opponent Mark Udall, who raised a little over $100,000 a week. Udall's campaign unfolded a month earlier, allowing him to net $1.1 million for the second quarter.

So there are the facts, but here's the amusing part: Colorado liberal uberblogger Jason Bane can't get his story straight on Schaffer's fundraising numbers. On June 26, Bane wrote::

Schaffer can ease concerns about his fundraising ability with a strong, albeit shortened, second quarter; something between $300,000 and $400,000 for the quarter would be a good showing for him. Schaffer also has a lot to lose with a weak Q2, because there are some in the Republican Party who remain unconvinced that he is the right candidate to take on Udall. A weak quarter from Schaffer - anything less than $200,000 - would be cause for hand-wringing among the state GOP. [emphasis added]

This morning Bane changed his tune, citing "a trustworthy Republican source" (who strangely refused to be named ... hmm) that "GOP Apprehension Grows Over Schaffer Fundraising":

...[A]ll eyes are now on GOP opponent Bob Schaffer, whose failure to join the rush of triumphant fundraising press releases this week has got more than a few Republicans worried.

So worried, as a trustworthy Republican source explains, that there are backup plans to recruit an alternative to Schaffer if he doesn't post a very strong number--something that can rival Udall's impressive total, which would presumably be in the same $1 million neighborhood. [emphasis added]

From $300,000 - $400,000 to "in the same $1 million neighborhood," while ignoring the month advantage that Udall had to raise money? Later he added this comment following the release of Schaffer's reported $717,000:

Respectable, but not an earth-shattering number given Udall's take. Will it be enough to placate concerned Republicans? Release follows.

Clever attempt by Bane to try to suddenly shift expectations dramatically upward. Rather than hearing real apprehensions from an authentic GOP insider, did the liberal blogger hear rumblings of Schaffer's successful fundraising? If not, how else do you explain the dramatic shift from his June 26 remarks?

To add insult to injury, a liberal blogger from out of state swallowed Bane's latest analysis hook, line, and sinker. Folks, you can't let nonsense like that go unchallenged.

The Lefty propaganda machine will continue to push the misinformation campaign to stir up troubles within Colorado's Republican ranks. If they could make Schaffer look like a poor fundraiser, and hence a weak candidate, they would have an opportunity to stoke the flames of discontent. Meanwhile, their man Udall would have an easier run in 2008, and we wouldn't have to notice their candidate's own prior record of fiscal mismanagement. But they're going to have a very difficult time getting away with it.

Listen: Colorado's liberals are worried about Bob Schaffer and Dick Wadhams, not to mention their own lingering doubts about Mark Udall's ability to win a statewide election in Colorado. And the facts about the Republican candidate's early fundraising prowess are just "an inconvenient truth" for them.

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