Friday, July 6, 2007

Foolishly Uninformed

A Quote from today's Wall Street Journal Online:

Freshman Rep. [ Heath ] Shuler, touting opportunities to replace lost North Carolina textile jobs, visits service station offering biodiesel fuel made partly from local restaurants’ used cooking oil. “You can be green and make green,” adds Rep. Mark Udall of Colorado, who is planning 2008 Senate bid.

About 45 years ago, I worked in a fast food restaurant. We saved the cooking grease to recycle into diesel fuel. Doing so was profitable then and presumably remains profitable. That fact makes both of these Congressmen look foolishly uninformed.

After Senate balks at eliminating oil-company tax breaks, House Majority Leader Hoyer suggests those House-passed provisions may not be folded into broader energy package. House leaders mull holding floor vote on higher fuel-economy standards, or just considering Senate’s plan in conference negotiations. Hitting absence of incentives to expand fossil-fuel supplies, Republicans dub Democrats’ approach “no new energy.”

Does anyone recall Mark Udall being in favor of oil or gas drilling anywhere other than Saudi Arabia?

"No New Energy Udall" "Environmental Extremist Udall" "Boulder Liberal Udall" "Latte Liberal" "No Roads to nowhere Udall" "Let the Forests Burn Udall" It is hard to keep up with the labels that can easily be hung on this guy.

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