Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mark Udall endorses World Federalism

This just in from Xavier University (where I taught ROTC for three years and got an MBA):

Who supports world federalism? Who are some notable federalists? Who's on your Board of Directors/ Advisors?

Historically, world federalists have included such prominent figures as Albert Einstein, Oscar Hammerstein II, Justice William O. Douglas, Carl Van Doren, E.B. White, Lloyd Bridges and Steve Allen. More recently, journalist Walter Cronkite, AmeriCorps Director Harris Wofford and Congresswoman Diane DeGette and Representative Mark Udall have publicly supported world federalism. WFA's Board of Advisors includes actor Martin Sheen, Nuremburg prosecutor Benjamin Ferencz, World Watch Institute vice-president Hilary French, economist Hazel Henderson, Jihad vs. McWorld author Benjamin Barber, actress Mimi Kennedy and actor Mike Farrell. The World Federalist Association's current President is John B. Anderson, who served as a Republican member of Congress for 20 years and was the 1980 independent presidential candidate.

Those of you who hanker for another layer of government where poor nations have the power to tax rich nations into egalitarian poverty might want to spend a few minutes looking at the answers to some of the dozens of other questions asked and answered:

Won't world federalism abolish national sovereignty and destroy our rights under the Constitution?...Is world federalism simply a new name for the communist insiders in the UN?...Is it politically possible to establish a world government?...Won't world government set the stage for a world dictatorship? What are the options if the world government becomes oppressive?...

The article is so long that you might want to use the "Find" function to locate the above quote.

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