Friday, July 20, 2007

"Tax 'Em All" Udall and Another Liberal Double Standard

Liberal gotchas like this one might hold more credibility if they were accompanied by a little consistency. Citing a CBS-4 Denver report, a diarist on the Dead Guvs' site highlights the following critique of one part of a Republican ad against Boulder liberal Mark Udall:

He didn't vote to raise taxes, he voted against a tax cut passed by a Republican Congress and vetoed by President Clinton. While critics say Udall's vote had the same effect as supporting higher taxes, the fact remains, Udall voted to maintain the status quo, which is not the same as voting for a tax hike.

"He didn't vote to raise taxes, he voted against a tax cut...." When was the last time you saw a liberal attacking a conservative lawmaker with the allegation of cutting spending on Government Program X when all he or she did was vote against a large budget increase? It's an even steeper stretch in logic than the one in the ad against Udall.

I know, it once was so common you hardly thought about it. Of course, with many Capitol Hill "conservatives" losing all sense of fiscal responsibility in recent years, there haven't been as many such instances to highlight. But the point of the liberal double standard still stands.

I look forward to CBS-4 Denver's debunking of liberal campaign ads that make such spurious accusations.

Of course, even the Dead Guv diarist had to concede that there were other instances where Udall actually has voted to raise taxes. There is no denying that Colorado taxpayers carry a heavier federal burden today in part because of Udall's votes in Congress.

Sounds like a great slogan idea ... Mark Udall for Colorado: he'll tax 'em all.

The ad may have been less than careful in making a legitimate point about the Boulder liberal's voting record. But the ad's liberal critics should take care to check the mirror first.

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Bruce Benson said...

This might be the most vitriolic blog I've read in awhile. Each poster seems to pat another on the back for writing yet another scathing, even more destruction comment than the previous.

Degrow and McDowell are two very sad individuals with your life being consumed with hatred and blinded by such anger. You really should try to look outside of your own bias once in awhile.

Ben DeGrow said...

You have very low standards for what constitutes vitriol. You must not visit many blogs, especially on the left side of the spectrum.

Have you ever tried "to look outside of your own bias"? Or maybe your bias doesn't match ours - and maybe, just maybe, the biases of some of the individual bloggers on this site have different biases amongst themselves. Look at the facts presented here, and weigh them.

Thank you for visiting.